18 mars 2011


TD Rigger MAYA / Junior Animator

Présentaiton / Introduce :
I worked in France in the field of aerospace mechanical engineering design for 6 years. Passionate about film and video games I realized for many years studies in evening classes and correspondence courses in the various fields around the business of the CG. Modeling, animation, Particle / Fluid effect, Setup / Rigging and scripting.
Today I made the choice to take this step to work in this field that fascinates me. I introduce you in this DemoReel part of my skills acquired in in recent years. Organized, curious and passionate, I am always ready to learn and share my experiences. If you are interested in more information please visit the website and contact me by e-mail.
Damien VIE

Demo Reel / ShowReel :

DemoReel Rigging 2013

Work in Progress


Control Test

Creature rig - This rig are make with custom autoRig (WIP) develop in Python for MAYA

Liens / Link:
Organic Rig Mechanic Rig
Auto Rig Modular MelScript
Python Cloth - Muscle
Effect / Compositing Motion Capture
Modeling Animation 3D Key Framing

Damien VIE – FRANCE – damien.vie@me.com